MS sherpa
Complete home monitors app

Your personal guide with smart features

Simple and reliable medical tests in an app

Additional questionnaires depending on your situation

Review of your results by your treatment team

Measure and view your symptoms at home

Increased grip on disease activity

Less cognitive load

Your digital guide

Run your own medical tests and view your results for more control over your disease activity and progression

In one convenient app all your results and events together.

Small changes in your symptoms become measurable and visible to you

How does it work?

MS sherpa is a simple app that gives you reliable insights into your disease course.

The app is prescribed by your doctor. Are you participating in scientific research? If so, you will get access through the researchers.

Would you like to get started yourself? Then start now with a free account.

What can I measure with the app?

MS sherpa allows you to perform clinical tests and questionnaires at home. This gives you greater insight and control over your own care.


2-minute walk test

Measure your endurance and balance by walking outside for two minutes


Cognition Test

Measures memory by matching as many symbols as possible with the correct number.


Complaint List

Measure symptoms by answering questions about pain, stress, energy, memory and concentration.



Measure specific symptoms by answering additional questions about a symptom

"At some point, you just notice that something is bothering you, and then you want to measure that in between. If it turns out that it persists or increases, I can go to my neurologist with that."

- Francis, 62 years old

Insights into the course of your disease for you and your treatment team


By performing each test regularly, you collect valuable data about your disease progression. Using advanced calculations, we show various graphs of this in the app.

For your treatment team, there is a private dashboard that can be connected to your medical record.

During appointments, your collected data may be used to make joint decisions about further treatment or to measure the effect of a particular treatment or therapy.

F.A.Q and more information?

Learn more about the app and the latest versions here.

Is your question not answered? If so, please contact us.

If your practitioner is not yet using MS sherpa, you can start measuring yourself. You can build a timeline and access the insights yourself. You can request a free account via our website.
That's entirely up to you. We always say: measure more, know more. Once a week we recommend, more is always possible. If you use MS sherpa through your neurologist, you can determine and adjust the frequency together.

Sure! In the app, you can choose to receive reminders. As soon as a test is scheduled, you will receive a notification from us. No more and no less than that!

Let's just say: we are very mindful of it! We think everyone should be able to choose this for themselves. Therefore, we are currently building a module, which allows you to set the frequency and moments of your notification. Just the best for you!
The app gets regular updates. Like any other app, you will receive these automatically or you will have to update manually. In case of major changes, you will also receive an email from us with additional information. Your collected data is never lost and is saved with every update.
In the login screen of the app, you can select "forgot your password. You will then be sent an email allowing you to reset your password.

The minimum requirements to use MS sherpa are version 5.1 for Android phones and 13.0 for iOS.