'Real world data' with MS sherpa

Digital biomarkers in a smartphone app

Additional PROs and standardized questionnaires.

Secure and reliable data processing for your research

Online research portal for administration and insights

Complete solution for data collection

MS sherpa is a medical device and supports scientific researchers in continuous data collection.

If you want to collect simple and reliable data on the development of symptoms in MS, MS sherpa offers a complete solution with various tests available.

- Digital biomarkers
- PROs
- Questionnaires
- Notes


In addition to the technical solution, we also offer comprehensive support in scientific analysis and reporting


Overview of ongoing studies


DMSG sudy - MS FIT

The aim of the project is to investigate changes in health-related parameters in people with MS during DMSG function training depending on the training format (online and face-to-face) and compare them with people with MS who do not participate in function training. READ MORE >


Research on primary progressive MS - SPIN-P

About 10 to 15 percent of all people with MS have a primary progressive course form. They gradually deteriorate, without having attacks that (partially) recover. It is still unknown whether and to what extent the body's own immune system is responsible for the disease course in people with primary progressive MS (PPMS). The SPIN-P study is investigating this. Read more >


Intestinal flora research - GEMSIM

It has become increasingly clear in recent years that the gut flora, genetic factors and environmental factors play an important role in disease and health. Whether the interplay between the intestinal flora, genetic factors and environmental factors has an influence on the onset and course of MS has not yet been sufficiently researched. This is why research into this is being conducted at the Radboudumc in Nijmegen. Read more >


Lifestyle intervention for people with MS- LIMS

There are regular sounds that lifestyle modification can have a major impact on MS symptoms. Neurologist Brigit de Jong and neuropsychologist Ilse Nauta of the MS Center Amsterdam started the LIMS study (Leefstijlinterventie voor mensen met multiple sclerose) in 2021. In this study, they are investigating the impact of the lifestyle program "Live! with MS. READ MORE >