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Statement of personal data & privacy policy MS sherpa app
MS sherpa BV – Nijmegen – July 2020

Legal basis
By signing this privacy statement, you give MS sherpa BV, located at Ridderstraat 29, 6511 TM, Nijmegen, as the controller, permission to use your
to use personal data. You decide whether you want to use the MS sherpa app and thus whether you want to provide us with your personal data. However, if you do not want to provide your personal data, you cannot use the MS sherpa app. You can decide to stop using the MS sherpa app at any time. You can also withdraw your consent to the use of your personal data at any time.

Which personal data MS sherpa processes, and for what purposes
The following data is stored for authentication and contact in case of problems with the app:
● Your email address and password. Your password will be stored hashed, which means that neither we nor third parties can read your password.
● The date on which you received an email invitation to start using MS sherpa, whether your email address was verified, and the dates on which you submitted a privacy statement.
of the app.
● The login history for the past two days, including the IP address from which you logged in.
● The date you last logged in, with associated IP address and phone, and the last time you set or changed your password.
● The total number of times you have logged in and all internet browsers ever used
for authentication. For the development of the MS sherpa app, which aims to improve the quality of life of
improve people with MS, by providing insight into changes in, among other things, test results and answers to daily questions in the app over time:
● Answers to daily questions about concentration, stress, memory, pain, mood,
energy and the influence of MS on your functioning.
● Sensor data collected while you take the 2-minute walk test or the cognition test in the app, as well as the test result. During the walk test, we calculate your
distance traveled and walking speed based on your location data, data from the accelerometer and from the gyroscope in your phone. Measure in the cognition test
how quickly you can process signals.
● Personal notes you take in the app.
● Information about the type of smartphone you are using.

Personal data and medical data that we only store if you fill in the profile page in your app:
● Your name; to be able to address you personally during possible contact in case of problems with the app and as a salutation of possible personal messages in the app.
● Your date of birth, gender, height and weight, the type of MS you have been diagnosed with, the year you were diagnosed with MS, your EDSS score, whether you are on medication
and if so, what type of drug; to determine reference values ​​and better interpret your test results.

We do not use automated decision-making.

The processors of your personal data and where your data is
Your personal data is stored in databases of the international company MongoDB *1, on a server of the international company Amazon Web Services in Dublin,
Ireland. In addition, personal data is stored directly on the servers of Amazon Web Services in Frankfurt, Germany, and on the servers of the international company Google, in Eemshaven, the Netherlands and Hamina, Finland.

We perform calculations on computers from Amazon Web Services (in Dublin, Ireland) and Google (in Eemshaven, The Netherlands). Your personal data will also be processed by
the international company Auth0 *2, in the Europe region, because we use their platform for authentication purposes.

To gain insight into the use of the MS sherpa app and its adoption, as well as to get crash reports, the information about the type of smartphone you are using
shared with Google, which processes this data (like all our other data processors) in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

In the interest of the development of the MS sherpa app, if necessary we will share your personal data with our sister company Orikami BV or with our parent company Orikami
Group BV, both located at the same location as MS sherpa BV. We do not intend to transfer your personal data outside the EU or an international organization. With the rest
However, MS Sherpa’s growth and development may cause one or more parts or assets of the business to be transferred to another person or company. Then your data, obtained for the development of the MS sherpa app, will also be transferred with the greatest possible care.

Retention period data
We keep your data for at least 15 years. After the retention period we will destroy or archive your data. Archiving of your data will only happen if your
data is intended for statistical or scientific purposes.

How you can view your data
You can always view your own data and change it if necessary. If you want to know what data we have recorded about you or if you want to change your data, please contact
info@mssherpa.nl. You can also submit a request to us to have your data removed from our database.

More information about your rights when processing data
For general information about your rights when processing your personal data, you can consult the website of the Dutch Data Protection Authority. If you have any questions or complaints about the
processing of your personal data, you can send an email to info@mssherpa.nl. If your questions or complaints about the processing of your personal data are not dealt with by us to your satisfaction, you can contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

This privacy statement is subject to change. These changes will be communicated to you via the application or via the website http://www.mssherpa.nl/.

If you have any questions or comments about this privacy statement or our privacy policy, please send an email to info@mssherpa.nl.



1 MongoDB has its European headquarters at 3rd Floor, 3 Shelbourne Building, Crampton
Avenue, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, Ireland.
2 Auth0 has established its European headquarters at 3rd Floor Union House 182-194 Union Street,
London, SE1 0LH, United Kingdom.