Our mission is to support everyone with valuable personal insights

Dream, dare, do

Sherpa started with a dream that every patient gets the attention he or she deserves.

With our academic and data-driven approach, we develop digital tools.

With this, we continuously work to improve care and make personalized treatment simple and accessible to everyone


For you and your treatment team.

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Our core values

We want to show how a company with a social purpose makes a difference. Our core values are central to this for us as a team as well as our products.

"Impact through digital solutions"

We are open, honest and authentic and are driven to make a positive difference on health care.

"Energy for long-term innovation"

We choose the long term and work continuously to improve ourselves and our products.

"Developing together with the user"

In the design and use of our solutions, the user is the focus and we work continuously on improvements. We work with innovative technology and link through standards.

"Reliable and independent."

We work with personal data and handle it with care. As a company, we cooperate with our partners, but remain independent . We have no relationship with pharma.

Uniquely dedicated team

Our team consists of professionals from different backgrounds and nationalities. A mix of mainly developers, scientists and people with medical backgrounds.

We are both specialists and generalists and have hardly any hierarchy, everyone has freedoms and responsibilities within their own role.

Jacco Schutte

CEO / business
Digital health & strategy

Sonja Cloosterman

CCO / Medical affairs & regulation
PhD - Clinical research


CTO / Technology
Mobile development & integration

Laura Anhorn

Business development
Sherpa international

David Stolwijk

UX Designer
Sherpa front-end

Michelle Vink

Implementation manager

If you would like to join our team or are looking for an internship spot, check out our vacancies or contact us at info@mssherpa.nl

Medical Advisory Board

MS Sherpa must be seamlessly integrated with practice and clinically meaningful. Therefore, the advisory board with physicians and nurses from MS centers that use Sherpa thinks with us and keeps us on our toes.

Eva Strijbis

PhD / MD Neurologist
MS center AUMC

Paul Blijham

MD Neurologist
Upendo MS center Boxtel

Sjef Jongen

PhD / MD Neurologist
MS Research Institute