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How does the dashboard work?

The MS sherpa dashboard allows you to view disease activity remotely and track disease progression at the patient level. The dashboard is designed by and for healthcare providers to better understand the individual patient situation between consultations.

This gives you earlier insight into changes in the MS and allows you to provide more targeted care that is needed at that time.

The insights are collected through an app, which allows patients to go through regular clinical tests. This can be done independently and at home, eliminating the need for patients to come to the clinic and tests to be run during a clinic visit.

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Complete home monitoring solution for multiple sclerosis

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Home monitoring of disease activity

How wonderful it is when you give your patients insight into their disease activity. With simple and reliable insights, you give your patients more control


Objective & personal insights

With individual data, we provide personalized insights into curves over time. With our academic approach and partners, we continuously work on our results


Part of your care pathway and EHR

We believe in digital solutions that are simple and straightforward. That's why we help you make the best use of data and technology, including integration with your EHR.

How we innovate

CE certified

Smart home monitoring via your smartphone, that's what we believe in. However, this must be done securely and with safeguarding the privacy of our users. In terms of quality and security, we meet the highest standards including ISO 27001, NEN 7510 and ISO 13485.

Of course, our products are CE certified as Medical Device (Class I)

Data belongs to you and the patient

Privacy is a fundamental right, especially when it comes to healthcare data. It is our top priority to handle patient data carefully and securely where you remain the owner. We are independent and do not share data with third parties.


Quality and privacy are externally audited and certified to the highest standards. Our many awards are a testament to our approach.

Try it for yourself!

Our users are enthusiastic about our product. Both caregivers and patients. In addition, we are constantly developing our product and conducting research into the application of home monitoring.

MS sherpa is available in several countries in Europe. We are proud of that and are happy to let you see and experience it for yourself.


F.A.Q and more information?

Learn more about the app and the latest versions in our knowledge base.

If your question is not answered, please contact us.

MS sherpa monitors the progression of MS symptoms and presents the insights in a clear and concise manner. MS sherpa was created to improve the monitoring of disease activity in persons with MS. The dashboard gives caregivers detailed insights into the progression of MS-related symptoms.

The tests in MS sherpa measure the symptoms of MS. With the help of taking regular measurements in the home setting, the person with MS and you as a caregiver/researcher can gain insight into MS disease activity. Based on this, a personal treatment plan can be created together, interventions can be started in time.

MS Sherpa provides objective measurement of cognitive and physical tasks, such as the SDMT and 2MWT, to provide personalized insights into disease activity. These measurements reveal subtle changes between regular appointments, allowing for an optimized treatment plan and monitoring the effects of interventions or medications. Additionally, completed questionnaires and notes provide context and qualitative insights for a holistic approach to care.

MS Sherpa is available to all people with MS, regardless of specific diagnosis or EDSS score. However, it may be more useful at certain stages of the disease, such as when disease activity is difficult to assess or when starting, modifying or stopping treatments.

MS Sherpa consists of part quantitative monitoring cognitive test (SDMT) and walking test (2MWT) and part qualitative monitoring (questionnaires).

Yes, reimbursement for MS sherpa is available in the Netherlands. Contact us to learn more!

MS Sherpa allows you to understand MS disease activity and progression over time. By measuring frequently, we can detect subtle changes in cognition and other symptoms, tracking the effectiveness of treatments in patients.