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How it works

MS sherpa

MS sherpa monitors on three parameters, which are combined with personal notes.

Process for the patient

MS sherpa is a medical device. This means that MS sherpa has been developed according to a validated method in collaboration with MS patients, specifically for MS patients. MS sherpa should only be used on prescription from a doctor. This is done as follows:


Together with the patient, the medical specialist decides that it makes sense to monitor complaints at home.


The medical specialist gives the patient access to MS sherpa via a dashboard.


The patient downloads the app on his / her own mobile phone and can log in to his / her account.


According to the agreed frequency, the patient takes the walking test, cognition test and answers questions. In addition, you can add notes every day.


The course of the complaints over time can be seen in the insight screen for the patient and on the insight dashboard for the medical specialist.


This allows the patient and medical specialist to see how the disease is progressing on the basis of objective and subjective data and to draw up the treatment plan based on this.

MS sherpa contains:

iMac+iPhone EN

Medical specialist

A dashboard

A dashboard for the medical specialist that can be linked to the EPD.


A mobile app

A mobile app for the patient to monitor symptoms.

Together they provide tools for making decisions in the further treatment of MS.

The mobile app monitors on the following parameters


Walking ability (average distance during a two minute walk)

This test measures endurance and balance, by walking two minutes outside.

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Cognitive signal processing speed (number of correct answers on a digital variant of the symbol digit modalities test)

This test measures the cognitive processing speed by matching as many symbols with the correct number in 90 seconds.


Patient reported outcomes (PROs), through questionnaires

By answering 7 daily questions patients can report on pain, stress, energy, memory and concentration.

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Personal notes

Besides doing the test, it is possible to include personal notes. This provides context to the data.

If something happened in your daily live, you might feel less energized, which has no relation to the progress of MS. By noting these events, data can be interpreted in the right way.

Insights for patients and the specialist

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By frequently doing every test, data is monitored over time. This data provides the patient and caregiver objective insights into the progression of the disease.

This progress can be tracked in several graphs. For the patient, these are shown in the app. The caregiver has access to a dashboard, which can be connected to the patient’s medical file.

During appointments, these insights can be used to make decisions on further treatment.

We are constantly improving MS sherpa. To know more about this, please check our roadmap. If you have a specific request or want more detailed information on the further developments, don’t hesitate to contact us. We base our roadmap on your needs.