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Launch of MS sherpa at Upendo

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On Tuesday, the 15th of February, Upendo signed a contract for using MS sherpa in their clinical practice for MS care. Upendo is a Dutch clinic specializing in “Future-proof care” for people with MS. Upendo’s strategy is not only to change the traditional care path for people with MS but also to lead the way towards a different view on chronic neurological care. Upendo wants all their patients to work with MS sherpa.

“Innovation in healthcare often stagnates because parties keep looking at each other endlessly. Real innovation stands or falls with just doing it, and that is what Upendo does. By using MS sherpa, gradual changes become visible quickly, allowing timely action.” – Gerald Hengstman, neurologist and managing director of Upendo

Orikami is thrilled about the collaboration with Upendo and the parties will explore other potential collaboration opportunities.