About us

MS sherpa

MS sherpa is a medical device of Orikami.

Our ambition & Mission

Orikami is a Dutch MedTech organization specialized in applied data science and development and implementation of digital biomarkers to enable personalized healthcare for people with chronic diseases.

Orikami is on a mission to improve 100 million lives before 2030 by access to persona-lized healthcare.

We believe health data is underutilized. We use real world patient
data to enable personalized healthcare paths for our clients to improve outcomes, quality of life and affordable healthcare.
Therefore we develop digital biomarkers*. Our solutions deliver
better outcomes and affordable healthcare.

If you have special requests or wonder whether we are working on some specific items, please do not hesitate to contact us. We base our roadmap on your needs, and can modify the app for particular studies or use cases.

U kunt mailen naar info@mssherpa.nl.


Every day a team is working hard to improve MS sherpa. We work on more parameters to measure the progress of symptoms. We constantly improve the user experience, in order to make monitoring and using the data as easy as possible. We also keep studying on what the collected data can tell us and how it helps in the treatment of MS.

More about the studies can be read on the studies page

Academic approach


Stijn albers van der linden

Stijn Albers van der Linden

Bachelor of ICT

Software Engineer

pim van oirschot

Pim van Oirschot


Quality & Science Lead

Rene van EE

René van Ee

MD, Ir.

Medical Manager and Engineer

inez mssherpa

Inez Wijnands


Data scientist & Medical Affairs

sonja cloosterman

Sonja Cloosterman


Principal Consultant Personalized Healthcare and Medical Affairs

pien ten voorde

Pien te Voorde


Teamlead DHP | UX Designer

anna batanova

Anna Batanova



kees de ruig

Kees de Ruig


Principal Consultant Personalized Healthcare

Management Board

andres lamont

Andres Lamont


Chief Technology Officer, Data Scientist

bert seegers

Bert Seegers

MRes, MBA, BSc.

Chief Business Officer

bram den teuling

Bram den Teuling


Chief Executive Officer, Data Scientist