MS sherpa is a medical device that monitors the course of symptoms related to MS. Medical specialists and patients can use it to gain insights to enable personalized healthcare.

MS sherpa
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MS sherpa?

MS sherpa

By frequently doing the tests, patients and caregivers obtain personalized insight into the presence and progress of symptoms related to multiple sclerosis. This information from MS sherpa can be used to follow the effect of treatment on patient symptoms.

Why use MS sherpa?


CE Certified, secure and accurate data

MS sherpa certified as a medical device. This means that studies have proven its use and the device is developed following strict regulations. Data privacy is very important in this certification. The insights from the measurements are accepted by health professionals to use for decision making on treatment.

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Academic approach

Monitoring from home

By using the patient’s personal mobile phone, it is possible to monitor at home. No need for extra devices or clinical visits. Data is visible for both the neurologist and patient, which makes it easy to communicate about the results.

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How it works

Objective data to intervene at the right time and improve personal treatment

By monitoring symptoms frequently over time, both the patient and neurologist can objectively see the progress of the symptoms. This will provide both with insights that can be used in decision making on treatment and needs for visits. By adding personal notes per day the context of the patient’s situation can also be taken into account.

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How it works

What do our clients say?

"I really can't remember how I felt a few months ago. In the MS sherpa app that can be looked up."
"I can adjust my food intake and track with the app how I respond to it.


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MS sherpa receives an investment of 1.5 million euros

We are pleased to announce that MS sherpa receives an investment of 1.5 million euros. With the new capital, Sherpa BV will continue to grow independently as a start-up in the Netherlands and Germany and…

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Newsletters MS sherpa

In April we launched our first MS sherpa newsletter, and we will continue to do so on a quarterly basis. You can find the newsletter from April here (in Dutch).   If you also want to…

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