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Measuring your own MS symptoms with your smartphone

Gain personal insights into your disease progression

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About MS Sherpa

MS sherpa is a home monitoring tool for people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and their treatment team. Through smartphone-based tests, people with MS can objectively measure, view and track their symptoms over time. Thus, individual disease progression can be made transparent - for a personalized treatment plan and greater control of MS.

Multiple Sclerosis care conversation

The MS sherpa app - Smart, Simple and Reliable

Home monitoring

Deciding together

Reliable data

Perform medical tests yourself with your smartphone in your own familiar environment

Sharing your data with your treatment team and choosing the best treatment together

With our academic approach, we deliver relevant insights into your clinical picture with your own data

Your personal guide

"Do I really always feel worse at this time of year or is that in my head? With MS sherpa, I can see exactly that!"

- Sandra, 48 years

"At some point, you just notice that something is bothering you, and then you want to measure that in between. If it turns out that it persists or increases, I can go to my neurologist with that."

- Francis, 62 years old

Multiple Sclerosis insights

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These MS centers have already started!

With AmsterdamUMC, we have been collaborating in the development and validation of MS sherpa since 2018. With Upendo, we have started using MS sherpa in daily practice. We are proud of these collaborations and now more and more MS clinics are joining.

Researching new applications

Together with universities in the Netherlands and Germany, we are investigating how to apply home monitoring of symptoms in other disease areas as well.

An important application is seen in Parkinson's disease.

'Vibrating Socks' project explores how together with smart socks we can measure symptoms in Parkinson's disease

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